Our Basic package gets you started with a no-frills, templated layout we offer. The layout is fast, responsive (meaning mobile and tablet compatible) and of course, ready to sell, earning you a commission.

Information you provide in your initial application is used in customizing your store, but only with the absolute bare essentials.

If you have an existing website and you disclosed it in your profile, we will place some links on the store's footer back to your website, so your visitor can easily navigate.

If you don't have a website of your own at all, you can still participate in our program - just make sure you fill out the application thoroughly, especially the "About Us" and profile items. Edits after the initial submission may be subject to additional charge - take your time filling out the information the way you want it presented.

Available extras at additional cost: Social Media Pages Design & Profile Setup (FB, Twitter) Local Listings Setup (Google Places)

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Our Standard package is a lot more flexible in terms of available customization options, presentation and content.

For those who already have a website, we will take additional steps to match your store's visual presentation to your existing site and make additional efforts towards SEO, for better exposure in the search engines.

Those who do not have a website can easily use their store with us as their main site. The Standard package offers some optional extras, such as the ability to add custom content pages, contact form(s) and you can even choose your own domain name with up to 2 email addresses.

The Standard package (even with the optional extras) is a lot more cost effective than building your own site from scratch - it is an unbeatable deal.

The exact pricing for the optional extras depends on your current setup - best contact us about what you would like.

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The Premium package includes most of the optional extras offered on the Standard package. Custom domain is included, along with up to 10 email accounts for you and your staff!

With our Premium package you can add up to 10 custom content pages to describe your business (Benefits of joining, FAQs, Schedules, Testimonials etc). We can also keep your clients engaged by sending out a relevant, professionally designed newsletter on your behalf twice per month (this alone is worth the price of admission).

Premium members can optionally enjoy professionally written syndicated blog posts for their visitors, daily social media posts and other content not available on Basic and Standard.

The Premium package is probably an improvement on majority of PFT or independent gym/bootcamp websites out there - still at a fraction of the cost of "going it alone" AND with e-commerce facilities that contribute to your bottom line.

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